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Sectional Steel Panel Specifications

Tank panels are mild steel panels fabricated under hydraulic pressure to create 45 and 90 degree flanges. Standard panels have nominal external dimensions of 1220mm x 1220mm and is also available in 1000mm x1000mm with various thickness.

Standard base and side panel thicknessís produced are 6mm, 4.5mm, 3mm and roof panels of 1.5mm

Uniformity of panels allows ease and speed of erection, reducing construction and installation time and cost.

Internal accessories used for stabilising and support in tank structure :

Bracing - Tank is supported internally by bracing (stays) and cleats (brackets) and shall be of similar grade of panel.

Trusses - To support roof

Pipe support - To support trusses

Sealants - Non-toxic PVC foam sealant for all jointing between panel flanges for water tightness

Ladder - Standard ladder of similar height

External accessories

Ladder - Standard ladder of similar height. Cages provided with ladders above 2.44m

Level indicators - Standard mechanical ball float type. PVC transparent tube direct reading indicator calibrated in meter with float and valves is optional on request

Nuts and Bolts - To be as per required tank design

Corrosion protection
All steel components, internal and external, are hot dipped galvanised.

Vortex Inhibitors
Vortex inhibitors are manufactured as per ASIB specifications read more

Due to the panel design we supply a suggested basic lay-out for the required installation read more

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